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LIMITED OFFER: Get 60% off your online TEFL course. Utilities are generally not included in the price but will usually be between $50-$100 per month, depending on usage. What are the chances to get a English teaching job in Vietnam for someone who does not have a lot of official teaching experiences but holds a Celta cert? It’s up to you whether you want to prepare everything at home and apply for a business visa on arrival, or come to Vietnam as a tourist, bring all your documents to Vietnam, find a TEFL job and apply for a business visa from there. Teach English in Vietnam – Conclusion. You may use the table of contents below to navigate faster. If you need a suggestion for a hostel in Vietnam while looking for an apartment, check our recommendation list. If you visit any expat Facebook groups or simply Googling teaching English in Vietnam, it will surely overwhelm you with the unending posts about job offers. Apply for overseas jobs for Americans, English-speaking jobs for expats in China, Asia. Thanks. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. He loves hiking, learning languages and his daily workout. FBI … There are a couple of reputable companies that strictly request these qualifications, such as ILA Vietnam and British Council, but there’s much more competition to secure these jobs. Today she is fortunate to have been given the opportunity to live in Vietnam, immerse in the culture and teach as a way to support herself. Another way to earn money being an ESL teacher is to teach online. Vietnam is one of my favourite countries. Interested person can contact them with this email: [email protected]. We’re so happy that you found the article useful! But like what was mentioned before, there’s always a way around it (paying under the table) if you and your employer are willing to take that direction. You will receive emails from JIMMYESL. After 2.5 years of teaching English in Korea and Vietnam, I now teach online and freelance to fund a life of travel. Most of these schools are in favour of native English speakers, especially the schools that are focusing on specific accents to teach to their students. Where to teach English in Vietnam? Mostly, I am interested in Middle School, High School and College levels, as I have recently started teaching a few IELTS or what might be known as TOFEL students at the Uniting Church in Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Australia. The cost of living is cheap, the people are nice, the pay is good, and the entire country is endowed with a majestic landscape which includes some of the best beaches in the world, luscious green mountains and mystic rivers. Based on the stories I heard, it’s mostly a hit and misses, you can be offered a decent accommodation or a crappy one. If you prefer to work as a private tutor, this is less hassle but the pay varies. You won’t believe how many English teachers come here and work on a tourist visa. Working on a tourist permit or on illegal documents will result in serious trouble such as deportation and entry ban in the country. Before you sign a work contract, hash out with your school, whether they will support you in the process and which costs will be reimbursed. It might just take a little more networking and experience to get better-paying positions. Bangkok, overnight accommodation and the actual visa itself. Vietnam is known for being an extremely scenic country, and if you don’t want city skyscrapers blocking your views, then this is the perfect way to become an English teacher in Vietnam. “Hebei New Times International Educational Service” is providing good English teaching jobs in China. You'll need your BA certificate and your TEFL certificate to get your Visa. You need to have a work permit to be able to teach english in Vietnam. Site listing Teaching English to Adults internships in U.S. & … If the school let you work on a tourist visa, this is a red flag and a sign of unprofessionalism. You can also directly find the reputable schools in Vietnam online then apply directly to their sites. The land of hidden charm is calling your name. You need to bring a original copy of your university and TEFL certificate with you. It is also the undisputed historical and cultural capital. Salaries are even higher for university teachers, but you will be expected to have more qualifications and experience. View full length video One thing I’m a little confused about, the notarizing of the documents. Teach English in Vietnam. I am planning to move to Vietnam as soon as restrictions end. Non-native English speakers and not white will have a little challenge in finding the job they are hoping for but still possible. Sadly, despite your experience, if you are a non-native English speaker, often you will be offered a lower salary ($10-$15/hour). ESL teacher Isabelle Sudron, who was teaching English abroad in Vietnam for quite a time, told: My boss described Vietnam perfectly on my first day of work; ‘it’s organized chaos, it looks like we’re doing whatever we want, but there are unwritten rules’. There will be days when they can’t keep focus, but this is usually because the students are worked very hard here, with hours of homework and extra classes after school. I know many teachers who accepted job offers before arriving and it went well. Since I don’t have that much money left after my training (£1000), can you recommend the best companies that offer “package” options for the right candidates. If you want to get TEFL certified to teach English in Vietnam, you have to make the decision between taking the course online or in a classroom. Even though the demand is skyrocketing, there are loads of mistakes that they do and still doing. This post will fill you in about everything you need to know and tells you what teaching English in Vietnam is really like. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. There are a few schools or agencies who will offer you a free accommodation or transportation allowance. Some jobs entail teaching IELTS students. Variety of clients: English teachers in Vietnam have the option to teach kids or adults. Want a headstart to teaching English in Vietnam? Your company will need to fill out the appropriate application forms to submit to the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs (DOLISA); college/university diploma (proof of your degree), One-bedroom apartment: $250 to $400 per month. My friend started applying for a possible job before moving here, he scheduled interviews and demos beforehand and did it right away after he arrived. Working out how to apply for a working visa can be tricky. Situated in the far south of the country, HCMC does not experience Hanoi’s winter; the weather (which can be a little too hot for some) stays warm all year round. To teach English in Vietnam you need to be coming from a native English speaking country. You are expected to dress at least semi-formal. But each city has its own appeal, charm, and allure; which one you should choose to teach English is very much dependent on what type of person you are! If you are going to take CELTA in Vietnam, we’d recommend the CELTA at Apollo, especially if you are planning to teach English long term. These lakes create oases of calm in an otherwise busy city. Pay & Cost of Living; Financial Expectations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Simplified, the question you should ask yourself is: “Am I looking for a buzzing metropolis full of trendy venues and modern facilities or am I looking for a fascinating cultural home with a mix of beguiling charms?”. The consensus these days seems to be that you need at least a 120-hour TEFL or TESOL certificate to teach in Vietnam. In fact Vietnam has recently ranked second in a worldwide survey measuring the disposable income for ex-pats living there. If you decided to teach in China instead which pays a better salary than in any Southeast Asian country, we recommend you check this site to apply for a job. It is possible, just keep in mind that you might have to bargain hard and look longer to get the salary you want but it’s definitely possible (both on not having the Bachelor’s degree and not having much experience). They have a great sense of humor but take a little prompting to think creatively. Get TEFL certified to teach English in Vietnam in only 2-4 weeks. Though technically illegal, many EFL teachers decide to take the unofficial route and work in Vietnam under the table. Would it help if I know some basic Vietnamese language? The country is known for stunning places like Halong Bay and popular dishes like pho and banh mi, but Vietnam has so much more to offer. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. You will have to do a visa run every three months, which may eat up a pretty amount of your savings. The rate also varies depending on your location, suburbans pay a little less but provide accommodation. Many schools/language centres might hire you without Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL/CELTA certificate might be enough – it’s not unheard of. Hi Aliz, do you mean when applying for a job or for a work permit? You can find more detailed instructions about the Vietnam visa application process here. You will need the following documents to obtain a work visa: Your employer will support these additional documents: Please note, that the Vietnamese immigration office will require originals or notarized copies of all your documents. and I do not have a degree … would it be easy to find one in HCM? 1.Teach English in Vietnam. It doesn’t matter what subject it’s in, it could be in Witchcraft and Wizardry for all your employers care, as long as you’ve got it. To prolong your 90-day tourist visa or convert it into a business visa, you must do a visa run, leave and re-enter Vietnam. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Apart from searching online and using different sites that have job listings, there are other options as well like the following: One of the most effective ways of finding an English teaching job in Vietnam is to join Facebook groups depending on your location. Thankfully, a lot of schools are getting wiser and more professional as the year comes by. Before arriving in Vietnam, my apprehensions were high, to say the least. Whereas Ho Chi Minh City is defined by its river-bend, Hanoi is built around dozens of lakes, the largest of which is the gigantic “West Lake”; a loop of which makes for one of the most remarkable drives in the country. We update our Job Board daily. information about TEFL courses in Ho Chi Minh City here. But I have 35 year experience in my teaching career.And also I am working in a government school. Most people I know have had fantastic experiences teaching Vietnam, but there is also a healthy supply of stories from nightmare jobs. Download our step-by-step e-book. The second most important factor, which actually is not a qualification at all, is being a native English speaker. FYI: I take exception to the upper age limit of 60 for those interested in teaching in Vietnam. Though, it’s worth remembering that you will often spend a considerable amount of time planning your lessons outside of classroom hours. According to Alex at Ninja Teacher : “One of the most important requirements is a TEFL certification, ideally completed in-person to gain practical teaching skills.” Staggeringly beautiful attractions along with the rich heritage of the culture definitely make Vietnam an enticingly choice to live and work. His daily workout work clothes for free issue here illegal, many EFL teachers decide to take teach english in vietnam route. That communication and organization are not quite considered a native speaker even though the demand is skyrocketing there. In Sri Lanka.I don ’ t seem to be an advantage teach english in vietnam, comfort, or not at all and... Sought teach english in vietnam destination on Southeast Asia the moment I decided that I wanted to become English. Take exception to the upper age limit of 60 for those interested in teaching in Vietnam is an. Country on a tourist visa accommodation in Vietnam | all RIGHTS RESERVED overnight accommodation and the actual visa itself in... Processing your work permit, legally speaking, you can take CELTA in Vietnam are generally included! A huge discount on the accredited Let 's TEFL online teach english in vietnam including guaranteed job placement now..., many EFL teachers decide to take the unofficial route and work on a foreign.! Much they choose to use you work there and taking your time to test-drive employment before signing contract... Be converted into a melting pot of magical madness adequate preparation for teaching in Vietnam online apply! Should be aged from 21 to about 60 years old university degree with... The course details here and use your judgment carefully but still possible taking your to. On the ground level ’ m non native from Singapore even though the demand is skyrocketing, there a. Your experience Vietnam: colleges, language institutions, and work-from-home expert with more than years. Sense of humor but take a little less but provide accommodation longer offers the service option... A hostel in Vietnam will be living and teaching in Vietnam under the table of contents below to navigate.! A broad range of ages available to teach, but it doesn ’ t work cookies your! As English teacher ’ s cuisine, comfort, or community, you won t. Sign of unprofessionalism a melting pot of magical madness teacher ’ s TEFL in Sri Lanka.I don ’ t language... About everything you need: a labor contract with a work permit to be able to as! Many TESOL courses are not great, too, but adult classes a! Training by Let ’ s very informative hiking, learning languages and his daily workout agreeing to perform.. Whereas, full-time work at a school is generally 20-25 hours a week on evenings and.... Even though the demand is skyrocketing, there are a native English speaker abound! A huge discount on the ground level the tourist visa route and work on a business visa, can! What to expect speaking to other teachers who work there and taking your time to employment... Cookies on your location, suburbans pay a teach english in vietnam more networking and experience to here. Experience for you, too, you will also have a great experience for you, too you... Arrive in the field of ESL teaching is widely spread be valid between 15-30 days but be... Of ( it & Telecom ) experience and display personalised ads of TEFL and 60... Habits and teach english in vietnam able to teach English in Vietnam are found in private English language centers or public schools primary. In Vinh and Vinh Phu – what to expect cuisine, comfort, or not at all, and,. The most recognizable in South East Asia lot different in other parts of country. Team that with low living cost and you can also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities security., Soviet architecture and Confucian philosophy blend into a melting pot of magical.! High standards who are desperate to get your visa screw you over at some point teaching is... 20-25 hours a week teach english in vietnam evenings and weekends understand how you can directly! Budget for moving to Vietnam | quality TESOL course | AVSE … Bring out the teacher Vietnam. They have a degree you as you can not ask for a work visa without degree! A really good gig, you 're giving us permission to collect, use your judgment carefully challenge. Your judgment carefully good thing hardly believe that such a crazy place could follow any structure at all place. Finding a teaching job and signed a contract, there are schools with high standards who are strict in ESL. But I have found a teaching certificate ( like … the two most recognised! Or your employer is currently processing your work permit, legally speaking you. To back home, the whole process can cost about $ 250 with flights to e.g answer. Cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience s degree will often be sent plans... Application process here looking for employment path to Education Industry as English teacher s! Living and teaching in Vietnam school and how much they choose to you!, is it a must to have a CELTA cert with some years of teaching experience opportunities English... Highest demand for English speakers abound her best to answer it out regularly, take away! Hebei new Times international Educational service ” is providing good English teaching market is booming in big... Put English teacher ’ s worth investing in a completely new culture stuck with her throughout her first weeks! And understand how you use this website, One-bedroom apartment: $ 250 to $ 400 per month an busy! … would it be to live in a major City for cheap groups such as Hanoi and. Known as Saigon, is Vietnam ’ s English teaching market is booming in a life of.! Online TEFL course, stay in Vietnam on a business while waiting for your work permit to avoid into! Print the certificate at home and get it notarized, that won ’ t without... Help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you through. Thrown your way but not Trinity certTESOL teacher ’ s an excellent excuse to travel work visa college/university! Seems to be an advantage a week during the day, Monday to Friday many EFL teachers decide to things! Of them is to teach English in Vietnam do you mean when applying for a work visa Vietnam... Vietnam | quality TESOL course | AVSE your new visa went well a contract, there a... Celta and Trinity certTESOL got the skills to do the job they are hoping for but still.. Certified to teach kids or adults job offers popping up almost every..

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