how to be safe in college

Every school has a campus safety or security office—part of your tuition funds it. If you fail to protect yourself from campus crimes, your college journey could become your worst nightmare. Below are tips on how to stay safe in campus. It's an understatement to say that workplace safety is an important issue. So, when it comes to safety concerns, no one is immune. But, regardless of how exciting it sounds, with independence come A LOT of responsibilities, like personal safety. Once they are home or in a safe location, they release their thumb and enter a pin. Obviously, it is best if your student does not walk across campus alone at night, especially on a regular basis. Learn more. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy We may earn money when you click on links on our site. If your student does come in contact with a rude or unsafe driver, they should definitely rate the driver. These situations have focused attention on the importance of safety for those using ride-sharing apps. Walking across campus or around a city alone is never a good idea, especially for someone who does not know the area well. Now that you’re (hopefully) parked in a well-lit, public parking lot, it’s time to take safety measures once you get to your car. This is your student's property and they need to take steps to protect it. Get expert tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. You can safely assume you'll be accepted. If they need help or are in danger and they release their thumb without entering a pin, the app will notify local police of their location. It is not uncommon for students to leave their door unlocked if they are expecting a visitor or if they are running down to the laundry room for just a minute. “There are two ideas about safe spaces,” he explained, referring to some college students’ request for “safe spaces,” where they can get together without being exposed to ideas and speech that make them feel uncomfortable. Whether that is at a party, a local restaurant, a college sporting event, or a museum, there are certain precautions your student should take in order to stay safe. To protect your student from these dangers, share the following tips on how to use Uber safely. If the driver cannot successfully answer these questions, they are not the driver assigned to you through the app and your student should not get in the car. It also is a good idea to inform Uber when it is safe to do so. Sherri Gordon is a published author and a bullying prevention expert. Instead, they should download their campus map, use a GPS and travel in well-trafficked areas. Consider investing in locks for your student's laptop and phone. What you should do Schools have a dual responsibility when it comes to e-safety: to ensure the school’s online procedures keep children and young people safe, and to teach them about online safety, in and outside of school. National Center for Education Statistics. What is Home Automation and How Does it Work? By using Verywell Family, you accept our, Help Your College Freshman Transition From High School to College, Determine If the Driver Looks Like the Photo in the App, Share Ride Details With Family or Friends, 9 Important Conversations to Have With Your College Freshman Now, Telltale Signs of College Readiness and How to Instill It When Lacking. If your student needs to get cash after banking hours, encourage them to use the ATMs located inside on their campus. This is one of those annoying things parents like to nag about, but we agree with Mom and Dad on this one., Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved. Discuss with your student the best way to keep their belongings secure. This is especially important if their dorm has community showers. Not only is it safer in the back, but escaping from the car is easier if your student is in the backseat. Know how to reach campus security. Students starting the academic year at U.S. colleges and universities are living through strange times indeed. You should have a competent person or persons to lead in health and safety, and security. Always. If 2018 numbers are any indication, more than 20 million students in the U.S. will head to college this fall. Before heading off to college, review these nine safety tips. How to Be Safe – College Campus Life. —Safety expert Pete Canavan. The following college safety tips can help you avoid dangerous situations or help you should you find yourself in a risky situation. You wouldn't just leave the front door to your house open, would you? Don't let anyone into your hall or apartment building that you don't know. To help ensure a safe return to campus, we teamed up with personal safety expert Pete Canavan to put together practical tips you can use on campus or around town. Using an ATM outside or at an off-campus location puts them at risk for theft. But crime rates and statistics are just one way to try to gauge how safe your school, dorm, or neighborhood is. Unfortunately, with so many students, dorm rooms, and valuables, even America’s safest college towns experience some forms of crime—including burglaries, thefts, or assaults. The pace at which technology is evolving can make it difficult to know what to include when talking about the safe use of the internet. When they are walking alone, students launch the app and hold their thumb down on the safe button. Here are just a few of the top things college students should keep in mind. All colleges and universities have police or security officers whose job is to keep a safe environment on campus. But once you have decided which school is best for you, there is still a set of fundamentals you must follow both on and around your campus to make sure you stay safe. "Back to School Statistics." Encourage walking with confidence and avoiding looking confused. With their key, they can enter your child's room anytime they want and with your child's student ID, they have access to their residential building as well as their meal plans and other private information. Nearly 20 million students head off to college each fall, many of which are not aware of the risks and dangers they could face if they are not prepared or vigilant. The 2021 Safest College Campuses ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Life, work and education must go on, but the risk of contracting COVID-19 on campus simply can’t be overlooked.. Remind your student that there is no reason to share their cell phone number with the driver. Related: Top Campus Safety Tips. For this reason, it is vital that students, especially freshmen, know how to stay safe while away attending college. Likewise, your student should not leave money, credit cards, jewelry, and other valuables lying around. No one should have to fear for their safety, grown adults or children. This allows the company to weed out anyone who is potentially dangerous. Whether going out or studying late, it is important for college students to use the buddy system whenever they can. They can communicate with the driver through the app, which makes the numbers of both the rider and driver anonymous. College can be one of the most exciting, inspiring, and transformative times in your life. Always double check before getting in or try to memorize the number when the app books their ride. At the same, college can also be overwhelming. In an environment like a college campus, you need to be more conscientious about your surroundings – and telling everyone your plans can leave you vulnerable. This means that staff will make sure that learners feel safe and supported whilst at college. It is important that your student not share personal details on social media including what dorm they live in, their class schedule and other information that could let a criminal know either where to find them or when they may not be home. College-age Americans are by far the most likely to be victims of serious violence and have the highest rate of all violent victimization, though the rate for 12- to 17-year-olds is q… 1. This may or may … Identify possible safety schools by consulting websites, ranking lists, and friends. Encourage your student to never prop open doors for friends or visitors. Additionally, encourage your student to arrive separately for first-time dates in case they need to end it early. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. On top of being able to protect yourself if you need to, simply knowing that you can goes a long way—especially if you live alone or regularly move around campus by yourself. Many colleges also hand out whistles to new students, which you can use to sound the alarm if you need help or are in danger. *SafeWise has conducted impartial research to recommend products. So whether you’re returning to school or just starting your journey in higher education, you need to know how to stay safe and healthy in college. Exit routes to be used if you have to leave College buildings quickly are shown by green and white running man signs all around the College. All Suffolk New College staff are responsible for safeguarding in College, regardless of role or level of contact with learners, and staff are trained to take preventative and practical actions to keep everyone safe. “Most people don’t leave their home without their cell phone, so the first thing you should do is download a safety app and familiarize yourself with it. Yes, it might be a pain to get up and go down to the front desk to sign them in, but this way they are keeping themselves and everyone else in the dorm safe. Getting familiar with crime statistics is a great start to making your college experience both a fun and safe one, too. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 27,000 crimes reported in 2014 against people or property on the campus of two-year and four-year places of higher learning.Commonly reported crimes include burglary, forcible sex offenses, motor vehicle theft, and simple assault. your student should stand next to the driver's window and ask "Who are you waiting for?" Pay attention to crime rates and trends, Home Security Tips for Living with Roommates, If you live on the first floor, make it your practice to, Public safety and community services funding, Safety resources like bike lanes and adequate street lighting, Healthcare resources (medical, behavioral, and mental). We don’t want you to feel like danger is lurking around every corner, but it’s smart to minimize risks. Remember: You are responsible for your own actions. And, when it comes time to leave, you all leave together. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. We believe in proactive security measures, and self defense is about as proactive as you can get. 1. Safest Colleges in America The college years can be some of the most impactful, formative, and important in a person’s life. Program in your emergency contacts and know how to use the program before you need to.” Get to class on time (and safely) with the, 9 Ways to Stay Safe on Your College Campus, Crime and the Coronavirus: What You Need to Know, Best Home Security Systems for Pet-Owners, Everything You Need to Know About Home Security, How Much Does a Home Security System Cost, How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe from Hacking. Applies to: England. Looking at local crime rates can give you an idea of what types of crimes are most common and whether or not crime is increasing or decreasing year over year. Aside from the traditional dangers of getting into a car with someone you do not know, there also have been reports of students getting into the wrong vehicles or worse yet, getting into a fake Uber driver's car. Her safety expertise is sought after by publications, broadcast journalists, non-profit organizations, podcasts, and more. This year we’ve got the novel coronavirus to worry about on top of every other campus safety consideration. And don’t stop there; you can lock up everything from your laptop to your mini fridge. To help get you started, we once again called on self-defense instructor Pete Canavan. Likewise, they should never leave their drinks unattended nor should they share drinks with anyone. Some people also include the safe use of technology in this as well. But if you have a plan, it will be much easier to stay safe at college. Instead, they should go to a safe place and wait for the correct car to arrive. Urge your teen to communicate with you and their friends often, especially if they are going somewhere alone or out on a date for the first time. College is exciting, mostly because it means you won’t have to live by your parent’s rules anymore. This is not a guarantee. Among age groups, those between the ages of 18 and 24 have the highest rates of all violent victimization and serious violent victimization, which includes rape, sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault. Instead, they should plan to study with other people and leave together. Use the admissions calculator on the PrepScholar database to determine if a particular school could be a safety school. These types of distractions make them an easy target for crime. Going back to college this fall is different than it’s ever been. Your college’s website likely provides information like office hours, contact methods, and a plethora of online safety resources. This simply makes them more of a target for people who are up to no good. Be confident that you and your family are safe by taking some simple precautions around the house, following safety guidelines when you go out at night, and being secure when you're surfing the Internet. Some colleges provide a shuttle service within a one-mile radius of campus. Many college students take it for granted that college is entirely safe. You don’t want to give scammers, hackers, or potential stalkers a sneak peek at where you go and when your dorm or apartment is empty. So they take no precaution to protect themselves from security risks that often affect college students. Keeping a few safety supplies on hand can help you feel more protected. Learn more. Choose the right settings to keep yourself safe. Aside from classes and the library, their dorm room or apartment is where they will likely spend a great deal of their time. She has been a journalist and blogger for over 25 years, with a focus on home and community safety for the past six. They should let someone know where they are going, who they are with, and when they will be home. How to Be Safe – College Campus Life < Back to Blog. In 2017, more than 3.1 million Americans 12 and older were victims of violent crime, a 17% increase from the rates reported in 2015. Also, be sure your student knows how to use campus security phones and is familiar with the campus safety office. Have that all-important conversation with your kids. Security and Safety Tools, Tips and Resources for College Students College may be the time for students to break out of their comfort zone and experience new situations. Use a. How COVID-19 could spread on college campuses. Many of the main considerations in picking a university are things like campus life, academic performance, mentorship, extracurricular opportunities, and student support. Instructors will also train you to deter an attacker using hands-on drills and real-life simulations. But most thefts occur in just a few minutes. This means that staff will make sure that students feel safe and supported whilst at College. 4. Learn more. And it’s a great way to keep all of your loving (slightly annoying?) Thanks a lot for this tips and stay safe! It also is where most of their valuables will be stored including computers, televisions, cash, jewelry, and more. Are you in a sorority? Before heading off to college, review these nine safety tips. Your student should take advantage of these services. Instead of asking, "Are you my ride?" When it comes to parties or nightlife, going with a group is much safer. There have been mounting concerns about college students using Uber and other similar ride-sharing programs, especially after a night out. Detailed information on how to behave, how to obtain help if you need it and what to do in any kind of emergency is contained in the Health and Safety Handbook. Another way to confirm the car is, in fact, their ride, is to ask "Where are you going?" If they have a guest visiting, the best way to handle the situation is to follow the campus's guidelines for signing in visitors. A predator could potentially be hiding in one of those locations—especially if you tend to leave your car unlocked or keep your windows rolled down (don’t do that!). You can find her work and contributions in places like TechCrunch, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, HGTV, MSN, and an ever-growing library of radio and TV clips. Get news about coronavirus on campuses across the country in our, Add extra security to everything from your closet to the last package of ramen with, Your brain has enough to worry about without keeping track of all your passwords. A safety school is a college to which you have an extremely good chance of gaining admission (above 80%). One thing almost every college student enjoys doing is hanging out with other people. SafeWise may earn money when you click on our links. Get to know the campus safety office. The Centers for Disease Control has stated the importance of wearing a mask whenever you’re outside or around people and to maintain distance so you’re not transmitting any germs. Published 26 June 2019 From: Department for Education. Make the most of this resource. How to Prepare Your Student to Live Out-of-State During the Pandemic, Help Your Teen Stay Safe While Protesting, 30 Things You Need to Know (and Do!) The College has a Safeguarding Policy which applies to all staff, College advisory members, and volunteers working in the College. Talk to your student about the importance of trusting their gut in unfamiliar situations. | How We Rank and Review. Well, I’ve got news for you. Winn also recommends attending social gatherings with people you can trust so you can watch out for each other. North Lindsey College has explained the measures its taking to keep the campus Covid-safe. Use the Buddy System Should College Kids Go Home for the Holidays This Year? SafeWise is an independent review site. It doesn’t take years to become proficient—it takes the right knowledge coupled with practice to maintain proficiency in a few techniques that could save your life one day.” For this reason, it is very important that your student knows not only the importance of dorm safety but puts it into practice as well. From safely using Uber after a night out, to keeping their belongings safe, and using a buddy system when going out, parents need to talk with their college students about how to be aware of their surroundings and stay safe. How Safe Is Your College? Guidance supporting schools to teach pupils how to stay safe online when studying new and existing subjects. Following these nine simple steps (and our pandemic safety tips) can significantly increase your chances of having a safe and successful school year. Safety education and integrating ‘risk’ within the curriculum is key to this. In fact, it's so important that entire government agencies have been developed just to regulate workplace safety. That’s no different on a college campus. While stun guns aren’t legal in all states, less drastic self-defense products like pepper spray and mace are easier to obtain and can be just as useful. While safety is a priority for most colleges, it’s still important to take action to improve your personal safety and keep your belongings protected. Rebecca spends dozens of hours every month testing and evaluating security products and strategies. While nearly 30% of college students report they don’t have any safety concerns, […] For many, it's a step towards adulthood and a career. Their major concern is making the best of college. Clery Act reporting goes beyond the usual crimes. But that also does not mean that students should assume that they do not need to take precautions. It’s no secret that a lot of criminals prefer the cover of darkness to the stark light of day. Published: July 1, 2020 at 7:50 a.m. Whether you’re a parent with kids heading back to primary school or a college student going back to campus, there are plenty of precautions you and your children can take to stay safe. What's more, having a lot of cash on hand is usually not a good idea. Campus, College Safety Tips: Being in a campus environment always gives students a false sense of belonging and security, a comradeship feeling that nothing can go wrong when you are all together. To help you stay safe (and healthy) this fall, we’ve put together practical tips you can use, whether you’re moving back to campus for in-person classes or staying socially distanced behind your computer screen. Even if the person is a best friend, they should never loan out your key or student ID. 1. What's more, even if they get their own bottled water at a party, if the seal is broken they should not drink it. Well this is not usually the case and insecurity has been on the rise on many Kenyan colleges and universities. Be sure your student never leaves the dorm or campus without knowing exactly where they are going and how they are going to get there. The key is that they spend as little time as possible waiting outside with their phone in their hand. Going to college is a step towards independence. We also created a COVID-19 college safety guide to help you stay safe as school gets started during the global pandemic. But, that is a far cry from the truth. Be careful about checking in on Facebook or FourSquare. By doing so, the app will share the driver's name, photo, license plate, and location. ET Learning to make wise choices and taking steps to protect themselves are important life skills that will carry over into adulthood. Each learner is supported by a tutor who will help them with coursework and general wellbeing. But social media is also a window into your habits and movements. E-Safety at a simple level means being safe on the internet. Here are some essential safety skills that parents need to instill in their college students before they leave home. We want you to be safe in College. Every school has a campus safety or security office—part of your tuition funds it. You can go anywhere you want when you want. What's more, leaving your room unlocked could put you at risk for an assault if someone enters your room without permission. Remind your student that once they are in the car, there is no turning back. College is an incredible and rewarding experience. December 17, 2015 - Posted to Writing tips. Your college’s website likely provides information like office hours, contact methods, and a plethora of online safety resources. —Safety expert Pete Canavan. It is never a good idea just to ignore their intuition. Rebecca is the lead safety reporter and in-house expert for The doors of residence halls lock for a reason. Its coronavirus management system has been given the highest seal of approval following a … Top 15 College Safety Tips Make sure the main door to your hall or apartment building is locked at all times. It is important for schools and colleges to have a policy and plan in place to manage and respond to security related incidents. family members up-to-date while you’re hitting the books.

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