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   Is your organization facing the task of completing and passing an FDLE audit to continue access to the FBI criminal database? Advantage Law Enforcement Compliance (ALEC) is a Network and Security consulting firm specializing in helping organizations to successfully complete auditing preparations to meet or exceed security standards implemented by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. We serve clients throughout the State of Florida. Our goal is to not just pass the FDLE audit process but to actually be compliant with the audit standards. Advantage Law Enforcement Compliance (ALEC) has the industry certifications (CJIS), staff, experience and expertise to achieve this goal. We can either perform the necessary tasks ourselves or train your on-site personnel to complete them autonomously or with our assistance.

   ALEC also understands that not every organization has the same budget. We will work with you to get compliant in the most economic but effective way possible.

   Through numerous engagements, we have demonstrated a profound understanding of current technologies and a proven ability of our team to assess, audit, review and implement solutions to your unique needs by providing a repository of proven methods, knowledge, ideas, tools and best practices.

   Thank you for stopping by, and we look forward to serving you!